New (old) Tunes Posted

I've posted seven more songs on my songs page:

  • "At Christmastime" — A beautiful Christmas song by Scott Woodman.
  • "Breakdown" — A country tune about a romantic dilemma.
  • "Can't Get Over You" — The joys of having a chubby sweetheart.
  • "Can't Stop Thinkin'" — The right girl? The wrong girl?
  • "Hamburger Disguise" — Fast food gone wrong.
  • "Never a Taxi" — There's never a taxi when you need one.
  • "Pardon Me" — A love song for a waitress.

I'll write up the story of these songs eventually.

I've also re-posted all of the other songs. They now each have "mp3 tags" to identify the composer, the title, the artist, and other information. Also, each one now includes lyrics, so if your mp3 player can display lyrics, that will be just swell. And I've embedded Suzanne's grave graphic into the mp3 file for Bury Me.

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