Planet of My Own

I've posted mp3s of Planet of My Own on my Songs page.


  • Music: Dale Emery.
  • Words: Dale Emery (chorus, verse 1) and Scott Woodman (verses 2 and 3).


  • Vocals: Dale Emery (high part) and Scott Woodman (low part).
  • Acoustic Guitar: Not sure. Probably Scott.
  • Electric Guitar (rhythm and lead): Dale.
  • Drums: Scott.

The Story. Planet of My Own marks the first time Scott and I collaborated writing a song. I had written the first verse and the chorus a year or two earlier, in 1981 or so. I was stuck, as I often am, so Scott decided to write a few more verses. His Venus and Saturn lyrics were just what the lonely planeteer ordered.

This is also another first—the first of many songs we recorded in Ttimm Roy's basement. Ttimm had recently moved into the house, and the basement was unfinished. I think there was a pile of firewood (left over from the previous owners) beside the drumset.

A final first—this is the first song we recorded with drums. Ttimm had bought a drum set (at a yard sale, I think) for $35. We used this set for a bunch of songs, and it always sounded great.

There's no bass on this song. I don't miss it.


  • Acoustic Guitar: Unknown.
  • Electric Guitar: Ibanez Musician.
  • Drums: Ttimm's $35 yard sale set.

Recording. Recorded in 1982 on a TEAC four-track stereo reel-to-reel.

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