Bury Me (with my feet up in the air)

You can listen to an mp3 of Bury Me on my Songs page. There's also a link to a delightful graphic by my friend Suzi Landoni Suzanne Landon.

Songwriting. Words and music: Dale Emery.

Performance. All vocals, all guitars, bass, drum programming: Dale Emery.

The Story. I wrote Bury Me around 1976, when I was 17. My friend Ttimm Roy recorded a Ttimm-o-phonic version in 1979 on his sophomore album Taxi to Portland (now out of print, I'm sad to say). I recorded Bury Me in November 2001, then re-recorded lots of the parts in June 2002, after I'd bought a better microphone and written a better bass line.


  • Guitar: Woodman Guitar Works dale-o-caster (the one and only)
  • Bass guitar: Fender Precision Lyte.
  • Drums: Roland XP-60 Music Workstation with Drum and Bass expansion card.
  • Drum sequencing: Cubase VST 5.1 software.


  • Recorded on a Roland VS-1680 Digital Studio Workstation.
  • "Rhythm" guitar and drums recorded direct to the VS-1680.
  • Lead guitar and bass guitar played through Rocktron VooduValve preamplifier; Rocktron Velocity 120 power amplifier; Marshall 4x12 speaker cabinet.
  • Vocals, lead guitar, and bass guitar recorded through Røde NT1000 microphone; PreSonus Blue Tube microphone preamplifier; PreSonus Blue Max compressor.
  • Mastered using Sonic Foundry Sound Forge 6.0 software.
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